Aug 05, 2020

Live Streaming Music: All Our Podcast Coverage

As we stay at home, the live music industry has undergone a sudden massive shift. From individual artists to major festivals to tech companies...
Jul 13, 2020 Dmitri Vietze

Why We Launched the Music Tectonics App

When I watched all my favorite Music Tech events of the spring and summer fall like dominos to coronavirus cancellations, I knew that I...
Jul 02, 2020 admin

Remote Collaboration for Music and Media: All Our Podcast Coverage

Working remotely in music and media comes with its own challenges. Dmitri is talking with the tech founders who have already been at work...
Jan 20, 2020 Dmitri Vietze

20 for 2020: Music Tech Phenomena to Watch in the Coming Year

Music Tectonics conference director, podcast host, and rock paper scissors CEO Dmitri Vietze has been closely watching the seismic shifts shaking up the music...
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