Musicmaking Innovations

Music making innovations have put creation in the hands of the masses. From AI generated  stems and lyrics to phone apps that have mixing and mastering capabilities. The next generation is no longer content with the lean back experience, but rather wants to be a part of the creation process. Hear from experts as we dive into how these innovations are shaking up the creator space and catapulting the industry into uncharted territory.

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About Seismic Activity: 

Seismic Activity is a series of free-to-attend networking, community-building, open mics, and demos of new tools on a monthly cycle.  Stay tuned for updates on the 2024 schedule: sign up for the Music Tectonics mailing list!

About Music Tectonics:

The ground beneath the music industry has shifted. Tech-fueled earthquakes have been shaking the music industry for some time now, creating dramatic new landscapes—and opportunities to serve artists at the intersection of music, technology, and business.

Music Tectonics, brainchild of PR firm Rock Paper Scissors, explores this junction with an annual conference, monthly online events, and a weekly podcast.

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