SXSW: Seismic Shifts Music Tech Meetup

Connect with Dmitri and the Music Tech community at this official SXSW event!

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Everyone in the music industry is affected by interconnected seismic shifts in the technology of music making, licensing, distribution, monetization, and performance. But it can be hard to get the big picture and spot the shake-ups that are just beneath the surface when people stay in their traditional music industry siloes. Explore those interconnected trends and build your music tech network with a fast-paced game that will get everyone talking, thinking, and connecting outside your usual groove, using seismic shift cards to spark ideas on music industry upheavals now and in the future. Through experiential learning, this meetup brings people who are embracing music tech innovation together from all corners of the industry – everyone who works where music and tech meet is welcome.

Your host is Dmitri Vietze conference director for Music Tectonics and CEO of Rock Paper Scissors, a music tech PR firm.

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